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Go slow,only listen to half the advice you here on ADV,most of it is hearsay and old wive's tales.

Steel bolts are routinely torqued in aluminum threads,that's why they call it a torque wrench so you DONT strip it.
Buying a basic torque wrench can save you money in the long and short run.
Play with it some when you get it,get used to it.

Loctite is not used on aluminum threads,grease is used,seems crazy but thats what a pro mech will tell you.

Take your time and take a break when things get tricky or frustrating,sometimes when you come back to it,it will be easy to finish.

I broke all kinds of things when my dad was trying to show me how to wrench as a kid,it can get real expensive breaking things.

Go slow and think your way through things.

A manual is the only way to have a clue,that and google,and the guys on google could have it wrong also.

Shops charge from 70 to 90+ an hour to fix stuff,good to do it yourself.

Best of luck!
Some bikes around at times
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