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First, was it your idea for her to ride or hers? If not hers, then shame on you.

Second, It sounds like the instructors failed her. There should be no rush, although some feel that way, and there sould be a manageable class size with adequate coaches. There should have been a list of things to work on and then some pointers on how to work at it.

IMHO, unless spacifically noted, the riders should have some kind of saddle time. Walking into something you never have done and not having the calss set up for it is a double hit on her. Working a clutch on a car and a bike are very different.

All BRC courses aren't done equally and some are down right brutal. People get so used to having experienced riders, they sometime forget to work on nuts and bolts. (Instructor failure again)

There is also the fact that some people should not be on two wheels, no matter how badly they want to. Many of us forget how complicated riding a MC can be. Some are mnatural, some have enought time to forget the complexity, and some manage to stay alive just because it isn't time for them to go.

Don't dispair, but make sure it is something SHE wants to do. My pillion has many miles and years on the back andis a spectacular passenger. She also has no desire to grab the handlebars.

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