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Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
I have deep scars on my back from the days when we nuked threads that we thought weren't interesting, only to find out later after the rider was killed or something that they were priceless to their families, etc.
I read this yesterday, it had relevance but did not really hit home til last night.
I lost my brother to cancer a year ago at the tender age of 57. He was a prolific poster here and I spent some time looking through his posts last night. After seeing his pics that I had not seen before and reading his posts it has moved me to put together a monage of his experiences and share it with family and friends. I am glad this opportunity exists.... I miss you Gary (Hammer).
As far as the split I guess the best idea I have heard is the cc's split. Any change that happens I will adapt but wiser minds in this subject should prevail.
Thank you all for providing an informative and entertaining site.
"Where ever you are, there you go..."
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