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Originally Posted by strongbad View Post
I'm looking for a small-displacement dual sport and a mid-displacement street bike. I depend on the inmates in the thumper and road warrior forums to let me know what's new from the manufacturers. If thumpers had been divided into two forums by displacement I probably wouldn't have seen the Husky 650 strada/terra thread. Now I'm considering the strada for my street bike.

I like the way things are. I don't think there's any way to divide the forum that will increase it's utility--only decrease it.
That's exactly my worry. Somebody considering a mild 250 DS bike (i.e. xt250) could easily be looking at a DR650 as well depending upon their mission. But I would guess the person looking for a CFR250/XT250/DR200 isn't looking for a small displacement KTM or Husky.

I still like the idea of moving the megathreads, but perhaps a dirt only subforum may work too.
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