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Originally Posted by dashmoto View Post
Erm, pretty sure I only counted one cylinder when I was building my Tenere. Just because you 'muricans only get the (2-cyl) Super Ten, doesn't change the fact that Teneres have been thumpers for nearly thirty years ;)

Sorry about that, yes we only get the big pig and it sure as heck isn't a thumper.

Originally Posted by neduro View Post
I can nitpick every potential approach, but I think this is reasonably logical, and should help people find the right forum.

I would make three forums out of Thumpers:

Singles under 599cc - Dirty!
Singles over 599cc - Far!
2-strokes - Prehistoric! (just kidding)

My logic is that this makes cross pollination between brands easier than splitting it by manufacturer, and the intended use within these divisions is more or less distinct.

Sure, there are some bikes that cross over, but there is a lot of commonality in intended use by and large.

I like this!
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