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Eh? $0.02

If there's a poll somewhere, I would think the split into 3 groups makes the most sense.

Small Thumpers
Big Thumpers

I never thought about how the mix of bikes in one forum actually contributes to the overall forum but I can see that it does and would vote against separating the forum into brands.

I can say that I do think it sucks trying to search a MegaThread to find info as there are tons of shit to sort through but at least I know its in there somewhere!

If the main forums were split into categories instead of bikes, I think that would be better:

Instead of a Bikes Section separated by types, have the Section split up by Engines, Suspension, Electrical, etc and THEN have the bikes section as a subforum from those so when folks are wanting specific info like fork swaps for a DR650, the search results from that section would be nothing but suspension related thread as opposed to a search now from a MegaThread that shows a damn post everytime someone mentions the search term and may or may not a valid return.

OR, vise versa...split the bikes section further into engines, electrical, etc... Once you enter the Section: Thumpers, you get a long list of bike megathreads...searching for specific topics IS difficult and could be remedied by breaking out the subjects folks are searching for (engines, suspension, etc...)
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