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Originally Posted by iustin View Post
Hi, from my experience with my Montana, it has two modes:

  • if connected to a computer USB port, it switches to a "real" USB mode (showing a Garmin logo)
  • if connected just to a charger, it switches to charging mode (showing the gauge)
So it seems that is has some sensors on the USB port. I haven't tried yet, but I would guess that "charging while being used normally" is doable only via a special mount (either automotive or the rugged one); these connect to the small contact bits on the case, not to the USB port.

Also, the USB port seems very flimsy, so I wouldn't try to use it during a ride, since it might become damaged due to vibrationů
I have used my Montana on the road with only a USB powered connection (no mount) many times. I suspect tridor is using a Generic cable or needs to change Setup > System > Interface > to Garmin Spanner.
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