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Originally Posted by XR BADGER View Post
Being a nOOb, I am not sure where I purchase this pass? Any insight would be great. I trying not to be " that guy" but it may be enevitable . I am in the valley and heading out tomorrow, looking forward to this
You can get passes in stovepipe wells, at the Grapevine kiosk near Scottys Castle, and Furnace Creek at the Ranger station/welcome center. Since you're heading out tomorrow you should have time to grab one.

More info and a park map can be found here:

Originally Posted by KLRrob View Post
Money sent! Thanks LostRider...what site are you at to pick it up? I'll be up Thursday morning hopefully.

Got it!

We're in site #18.

Again, I mean for this service to help folks that won't be easily able to get a pass, i.e; coming in late then going on a group ride the next day that either the rider leader doesn't want to stop for 10 minutes at Stovepipe Wells, or on rides like up Saline Valley and into the park where there will be no place to buy them. If folks are going to be going by one of the spots to get one, then you can grab it yourself you lazy FF's.
Save the receipt as per joel to qualify you for some of the raffle prizes! (did I get that right joel? I remember seeing something like that posted in this mega thread.

Cutoff time will be MONDAY night the 25th, once we leave home we will be doing our best to Get Lost and not checking emails...

BTW, if possible sent the cash as a Gift so I don't have to cover the PP fee's. No biggie, but it will add up.

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