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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
Rob, seeing how you are very familiar with Holan's panniers, how do the Globescouts compare to the Nomada Pros in terms of construction quality, strength and finish?
Originally Posted by tallguy-09 View Post
Yes yes, I just think its not easy for him to be really objective if you know what I mean, let's see the answer. Sure there are positives and negatives, lets hear both.
Great question.

I imported Holan into North America between 2008 and May 2012. To this day I still run a set of Holan crashbar pros and Nomada Pros on my F800GS. When done right, they are a good product. The problem is, it wasn't done right.

I ceased importing them in May of 2012 due to quality and supply issues. It was always a struggle to get product. Frequently their stuff also came in wrong, incomplete, or damaged. At the end, 4 out of every 10 calls where about a Holan issue or asking when a Holan order would ship. It was just unsustainable.

I post this not to bash Holan, but to give you a complete, honest comparison. With everything above - assuming you can get a set, and it comes in 100% correct, here is how they compare on the points that you identified:

Construction - Overall, Holans have a much more 'homemade' feel to them than the Globescouts do. The Globescouts are much more professional with things like the sharp stuff being addressed, bolts having plastic caps, mounting kit having O rings. (picture 1)

For example, let's look at the gap between lids and pannier bottom. A bigger gap is more likely to let in water and dust. I've attached pictures of how Holan and Globescout compare. (picture 2 & 3)

Strength - I'd say this a pretty dead heat. Philosophies from both companies on how to construct a pannier are very similar. Globescout has the edge on an all-metal mounting puck system. Holan has the edge on a rigidly mounted pannier rack. You should be able to stand on either box. I've attached a picture of someone doing just that with a Globescout. (picture 4)

Finish - I covered the natural one a bit earlier in the thread. In regard to the black - there is no comparison. The anodized Globescout pannier is fantastic. When I had Holan, I ordered in a few sets of the powder-coated panniers and I wasn't impressed. I choose to never sell them.

One thing I will give Holan credit for is their Special systems and pannier racks. They product them all in house, and offer a pannier notched to fit in closer. When you can get it, if it comes in right, it's a pretty nice setup. With the exception of the R1200GS 05-12, Globescout doesn't do this... yet.

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