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Second try almost a given

In my experience unless you have followed the prescribed formula the man will find any excuse to fail a first timer no matter how competent the rider. in a lot of cases,but not all it's about knocking you down a peg. In my case I failed my first test despite the objective proof of a 35 year accident free cage record,excellent bike handling skills from 10 years of competitive motocross followed by 20 years as a mountain bike fanatic. I did not take the safety council course and apparently that's a gaurenteed failure. I failed for not cranking my 50 yr old neck a complete 90 deg. At uncontrolled intersections to prove I was indeed scanning for danger and for going slower than the posted limit in a residential area where the speed limit was not clearly posted so I deferred to a cautious playground zone speed.they did not accept any deviations no matter how understandable or justified. Passed it easily once I understood their game.
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