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Originally Posted by xy500 View Post
Was that me or you?
Name one thing i actually got wrong?
I said TO ME it is not a race bike, a far faster 'race bike with a plate' would be a wr300. The TE511 has numerous road going features superfluous to an enduro racer.
Nowhere did i say KTM 525's are unreliable, i mentioned they were less reliable in my experience compared to some other bikes. You're missing the crux of the matter - i don't like KTM's so why would i buy one?

Look mate, either find something constructive to say - or go shit in someone elses thread.
I get the point you are making for sure. If i wanted a bike I could ride on the trail, do some dual sporting, or race more technical stuff without the desire to be competitive I'd pick a 511 or a 525 as well. If I wanted a serious race machine and the rest would be superfluous It'd be a 300 two-stroke or a 3X0 four stroke. There is a night and day handling difference between those bikes and trail bikes which are often touted as "race bikes" because of their high performance basis. It's like saying a Porsche Carrera is a race car because it's fast and costs a lot to keep running, a GT3, on the other hand, would make a fool out of it on the track because it is an actual race car.

I wouldn't pick a 511 for a dual sport because of the gearbox, but I also wouldn't pick it to race anything but wide open desert either.
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