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Originally Posted by rbmgf7 View Post
Finally did it. I'm finally apart of the "cool kids club" as I picked up a Raven S10 today. Pics are pending once I get the bike in front of some worthy backgrounds.

Little heartbroken after letting the Vee go. I lived off that bike for a few months while traveling tens of thousands of miles. I guess if you're with something for a significant amount of time as it carries you around, you grow attached to it.
If you promise to treat the S10 the same way you describe you Vee, "live off it for months while traveling tens of thousands of miles", you will be posting in this thread how attached you have become to it too.

This bike has served up more adventure to me in 2 years than I could have imagined. It didn't erase a lifetime of previous bike memories, but it trumped them all. It is so "capable". Far more than I predicted.

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