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Riding on the coast of California

After a great night at Clarice and Karl's place, we hit the road again, heading to Douglas City. We had a last camping night with our friend Cristian; the next day*Cristian and us parted ways. He turned around to go back to Vancouver (and I heard he got there pretty early, he must have flown back or that bike has more horse power than we think it does).

We took some really scenic routes (Hwy 3 and Hwy 36) and then into some back roads, coming out into Hwy 101 to Garberwille. We stopped to gas up in that little town, where everyone seemed to be very*happy. We met a guy at the gas station, and after a little chat about our trip, Vasile asks him "So, what are you doing in this little town?" And the answer comes very honest: "I grow weed, just like everyone else in this town" Now this explains a lot

Robin, Mat, Vasile and I took the Hwy 1 towards the coast, a beautiful twisty road; we had a lof of fun!

Then we found a nice place to camp on the beach, and celebrated Robin and Mat's wedding anniversary with some cheap wine and expensive cheese.

And this is what we woke up to the next day:

Next day we got to San Francisco, where I spent a couple of days of quality time with family, and Vasile fixed his leaking rear suspension at Superplush Suspension

and went to KTM twins to put a face to the voice with the KTM Twins owner (who is an awsome guy).

Tuesday we left San Francisco, and I dropped the fully loaded bike right in front of my sister's house, before we left, leaving my sister and mom pretty worried, I think


We got to San Jose, where we were planning to camp up on the hill, but it got dark, so we had to turn aroud and find a motel. This is San Jose viewed from up the hills:


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