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Originally Posted by lacofdfireman View Post
Have been reading here about the different ways to buy maps from different inmates. Downloads, SD Card, CD. The reason I bought the CD is because they are the only ones that have lifetime updates available. You can't do that with the SD card or Download. From what I understand.

As far as TOPO maps. I have yet to find a trail that is on a TOPO that is not on my CNNT. I don't see the need for the topo personally. The CNNT maps are that good...
I like having topo maps because they show the contours of the terrain, and that lets me pick more interesting roads. If I am just following my nose, I can glance at an upcoming side road and see if it goes through a valley or across a wide flat area, or up a hill, etc. I enjoy that extra level of info, but as you say, it isn't strictly necessary.
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