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If you can ever swing taking a day off it's a good investment with your time and some insurance companies give discounts for completing the course, offsetting lost work .
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I see you are from NJ, be careful! People are crazy around here!!! They do the MSF course at Millville motorsports park during the week and weekends! I found the first day ridiculously boring but the second day was good. You get a license at the end which was my main reason for taking it! They go over some really good techniques and such that I felt made it worth it.
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The MSF instructors realize many people work on weekends, and can only take the rider safety class during the week. Therefore, I'm confident classes will later be scheduled during the week, especially after the riding season arrives in New Jersey. I strongly encourage you to contact the nearest MSF office to learn about the weekday classes.

Yeah I'm sure I can benefit from the saftey course. I'm going took look into midweek classes. I didn't see any available at the community college where they have weekend classes booking but hopefully they will soon. Millville is not that far away so that's another option I didn't know about, thanks for the info.

As far as people driving crazy in NJ. I can vouch for thar. Especially in the summer since I live just outside of a beach resort. Of course I will be hitting the trails to avoid the summer traffic whenever I can but there are some Cracker Jack licensed drivers out here.

Thanks for the fuel type information. I'm going to use regular. One thing that has me scratching my head is the ignition. When I put my key in and try to turn it, I have to wiggle, push, pull, etc... to get the thing to turn to the on position. I'm going to read my manual and/or talk to the dealer. Maybe I'm missing a step or maybe it has a faulty ignition.
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