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I'm ready to torch this thing

I know this subject has been beat like the proverbial "dead horse". Beat it like a dead horse, maybe that's the answer:)
Seriously, I'm at my wits end with my latest purchase(1994 klr250. 1000 miles on odometer) It had to be started with a shot of ether when I bought it. I figured, no problem, just a simple carb clean and done. I own a 88 klr, that I rehabbed, so I know a little about the bike.
Got her home and pulled and cleaned carb. Found that it had obviously sat still for a long time in its life( bowl gasket really dry and brittle) replaced that.
After back together, still won't crank. Unless you shoot a little throttle body cleaner into airbox. Cranks and idles great if that's done. Like 2 kicks!
I have done everything I can find on advrider to fix it.
Adjusted valves
Cleaned carb again
Changed plug
Still nothing!
I know some jackwagon has been into this carb before me because of the boogered screw heads and the aftermarket choke. The have replaced the stock choke assembly with the kind that screws right into the carb with a pull knob. It seems like it does what it's supposed to( blocks or opens the orifice under the diaphragm).
Am I missing something?
Is it time to roll it outside and burn it?
Did I mention I'm frustrated?
2003 YZ450F
1988 KLR250
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