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Well I cant believe it has been a month and a half since I last posted anything here.

Aside from the usual life events, I have been real busy trying to get things ready for the upcoming season. It's easy to spend all the time working on projects without leaving any to report on the progress.

But wow! I can see I really need to address that huge whooper of a story I told about the OW41 cylinder in my last post!

Haha, yup, that was a total fabrication on my part originally put together as a gag to one of my old racing buddies to get him interested in joining me in some vintage MX this year. It worked so well on him that I just couldn't resist having a little fun with my friends here !

So here's the real story.

That OW cylinder is really just an ordinary IT465 cylinder for a second yz465 I am building (and one that my buddy might ride). You can tell this as it has the rubber noise isolators in the fins.

To help make this caper fly, I purposely kept the image of the cylinder in the oven small in the previous post hoping no one would notice this . I knew with a large image someone here would have thrown the BS flag on me!

As for the "special OW" cylinder stampings,

I simply ground the original casting marks off and then did a little finishing with a hand file. After that it was just a matter of searching the shop for my old stamps (see below).

My original intent was to stamp Hannah on the cylinder but I was missing the letter "H". So that's when I got the idea to look in the book to see who else could have been riding YZ465's at the time. That's when I spotted Rex Statens name on the very same page as a photo of the factory OW, what could be better?

The reason I stamped "R X instead of "REX" was because I was also missing the letter "E" .

In any case, I hope my BS story hasn't offended anyone and besides half the fun of vintage MX is the BS that goes along with it all!

And if I did offend someone, then you will be very pleased to know that I am sore as hell today after falling off the 465 yesterday at Budds Creek while racing in the post vintage 50+ class... more about that later !

So now that I have confessed and while still on the topic of fakes, forgeries and fish stories, here are a couple of more.

First is an update on my fake Bell Motostar (really a $100 snell 2010 HTC ) helmet I posted earlier. Here it is again after adding the Bell stickers and as it sits next to my old Moto 5 on left.

And then there is this ebay listing for a factory Suzuki Motocross bike (dont worry, not mine!). This has generated a lot of commentary on the usual vmx web sites. Earlier listings had a BIN price of $250K... seems about as fishy as my story :-)


If the Suzuki factory bike is too much for you then consider Rodger Decosters expansion chamber for just $3000 here...

A fishy photo from the past?

Next up... the YZ465 and old guy head to Budds Creek for vmx racing

Uh oh !

My '81 YZ465 Factory Race Replica

My Vintage Husqvarna/Motocross Restoration Extravaganza Thread

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