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The Spot thing is great, Steve; thanks for pointing out yours. I'm getting a feel for what's where by following along on the map while digesting the report. No more guesssing with the Spot! I wish it reported the altitude along with location.

Three more weeks is great. I bet it will seem fast, though. My ventures to S.A. have always been for a month at a time. Starts out fine but the last week goes by in a flash.

Hope you found the gold. What I initially found shocking in Ecuador was people relieving themselves in plain view on the side of the road. They don't try to hide; it's a natural thing. People here would say they are uncivilized for that, but I think the reality of it is that they are one step ahead of us in that regard. And it can be dangerous clamboring off in the rough to hide.

I think if moto-cops use the right side for getting on and off the bike, it's because it's away from the traffic, not because it's easier. It's definitely harder to get on and off the right side. Ever seen anyone lean a bike AWAY from them to hop on? I haven't either. And I've never pushed a bike over hopping on; I hold onto the handlebars that are tipping down toward me. Now and then, I'll hop on the right as a shortcut to walking around the bike, but it's awkward. And more motions. Left mount, right foot goes over then down to the ground in one motion, tip bike to right, pop up stand and click into first in the next motion, then pick up right foot as bike moves away. Easy peasy.

Here's a good one. Stand on the left, fire up the bike, stand it up and take up the stand, put your left foot on the left peg and click it into first, start taking off as you stand up on your left foot, and as you're accelerating gently, lift your right leg easily over the seat to its peg, shift into second as you sit down.

Tenga cuidado y disfrute your last days before heading back to cold reality. Looking forward to following you through to home. Saludos, amigo!
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