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Got some video of my bike, today. It's a bit windy, sorry about that. I have the recording volume set as it was for the DB meter. Some of you might have trouble cranking your playback volume high enough to hear clearly...

Here's me taling into the camera from 2 feet away:

Starting the bike:

At 9 seconds, I blip the throttle hard, with the muffler pointed at the camera, 50 feet away. I take off gently, as I normally would if people were outside. Kickstand up gives some noise perspective. You can hear a jet in a landing flyby at the end:

I ride by at 35 mph, accelerate fairly hard (for city), ride by again (you can hear the mechanical noise as loud as the exhaust pulses), then get on it fairly hard riding away from the camera, and accel about 3/4 throttle toward the camera. I'm going almost 40 just before I hit the driveway:

I'm very pleased with how the bike sounds when riding it. Growly enough for enjoyment, quiet enough for riding when people are outside.
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