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Go slow,only listen to half the advice you here on ADV,most of it is hearsay and old wive's tales.

Loctite is not used on aluminum threads,grease is used,seems crazy but thats what a pro mech will tell you.

Go slow and think your way through things.
I would say ...

Take your time. You are learning as well as doing so expect to take say 3 times longer than someone who 'knows what they are doing'. When you finish a task - go back over it and check to the sides .. displaced wires, loose bolts are things to pick up before your say 'finished'.

Read ALL the advice given
. Then filter it with your situation, circumstance and experience.

If you don't understand something .. ASK.

Loctite.. if the manual calls for Loctite use it.
For other places where it is not specified and alloy is involved DON'T use it.

As well as the manual, the parts book can be usefull... it has diagrams of the parts involved and can be used to help understand how things come apart/go together. Some times a parts supplier will have an online version - use it.

Welcome to the club

Oh on buying tools - buy GOOD ones that will last and not destroy things, ask here for advice on what brands/sotres are 'good'.

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