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Originally Posted by Kernel View Post
How did the surgery go, mate?
Hopefully OK. Hobbled in, and more or less walked out some hours later with less discomfort. Maybe the the left over anaesthetic helped

I see the doc later this week and hopefully get the all clear to get back on the bike soon. But definitely only deferring the replacements.

In the meantime, while prognosticating (nice big word!), AKA being bored over the Christmas break, I was reading Colebatch's latest adventure:

Much of the 300 + pages could be considered spam, so skip that, and its a terrific read.

In fact over Christmas with my daughters home, it got them talking, to the point that last night they arrived in St Petersburg and will hop on the train to Beijing in a few days with a number stop overs along the way. Not quite an off road 2 wheel adventure, but exciting nevertheless.

In the thread, they discussed GPS units, and this discussion resulted in me acquiring a new Montana 600 which conveniently arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve.

I've been using GPS devices on and off since about 1988, so have an interest in them and the technology, which is amazing stuff. The first GPS I used cost over $200k, filled the back of a station wagon, and we could only it use for a couple of hours after midnight because that was the only time when there were enough satellites in our sky. Took about an hour acquiring data, and then about the same amount of time to process it all on a 386 PC, which alone cost about $20k. Big bickies back then. Technology has come along way in a short time.

In recent times I'd been using a Magellan XL which was the top of the range hand held in the day, 2006. Also an Aldi bike GPS for routing. After I smashed the Aldi in an incident with an overhanging branch hidden in the shadows, I got a second hand Garmin 60CSX to try. A bit/lot smaller, and with routable maps so it replaced both the Magellan and Aldi. In the end, not really, as it was a bit small to read with my old eyes and the topo mapping was nothing like as good as the old Magellan, so I was using both it and the Magellan still.

The Montana fixes all that. Nice large screen, and easy to read in bright sunlight, and lots of memory for track storage. The topo maps it comes with are routable, and have the best detail of any maps I've seen around here, and maybe elsewhere too. They also keep their detail when zooming out. It seems to have all the good points of the others I've used, all in one unit, and almost none of the things that annoyed, or could be better. Perfect GPS? Maybe not, but getting there. Even got an ADV thread dedicated to it:

It did have an issue with charging the LiIon battery which was finally resolved a couple of weeks ago with a replacement unit. It all worked in the interim, just not with the LiIon battery.

Mounted up with a Garmin Rugged Mount on a RAM ball on the DR, and I have a windscreen mount for the car where I've been testing it, which is another story.

All this time to prognosticate while not riding has meant that recent months have been expensive A new GPS meant I needed a new ute to put it in because even though I could put it on the bike, what then? So while I've been hobbling about, I've been getting the ute organised.

Mazda BT50, 147 kw (200 hp) 470 Nm (350 lb ft) 5 cyl diesel with 6sp manual. Like they say in the advertising, awesome! More here about what I've done, and still to do:

(the 4wd site is a bit crashy atm, so the link may not work)

In the meantime, I have another DR project. I got a cheap water proof digital voltmeter on eBay that'll fill the vacant spot on my DR's dash that was previously occupied with the heated grip switch below the idiot lights.

Its just sitting there in the above pic, and you can see the wires, but you get the idea. I'll hook it into an ignition circuit. Not really needed, but interesting all the same.

As soon as I can ride again, I'll finish sorting the carb, again. 'Finish' is a strong word isn't it? As soon as I can ride again, I'll play with the carb some more, but as noted above, I'm thinking that the bell mouth might come out if I can't get it better. Gotta get out on it and test...................
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