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I'm enjoying this thread. I came home from a long business trip and wife shocked me by showing me her temp card which she event out and got while I was gone, complete surprise to me. Cool. So we went slowly, and every Saturday for a couple weeks I had her riding my old CB550 around the local school lot, and I think she took it around the block nice or twice.

I was pretty adamant that she take the course and learn from a real instructor, as is in aviation, it is always a terrible idea to take lessons from a family member, needs to be someone impartial. About this time my brother says he will take the class with her as he was just getting back into riding after a several year hiatus.

What a disaster. My wife is a perfectionist and when she took the class, the first day she came home and said she was having a real hard time with the manuverability and all that because she hates the cruiser riding position and all they had left were Rebel 250s. Asked my brother how she really was doing and he said he thought she was one of the top students but she was just being really hard on herself. I suggested she try to find out if they had any other bikes, and they did provide her with an XT250, which was of course to too tall. She dropped it about halfway through the second day, got pissed off, walked straight over to the parking lot, and left to go drink a couple beers. That's my girl!

Of course a few weeks later we found out she was pregnant and it "happened" a day or two before the class, so the moral of the story is don't ever, ever allow your SO to take the course while massive doses of hormones are coursing through their veins!
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