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Originally Posted by Carlo Muro View Post
She came home in tears. This was my idea. She's logged thousands of miles behind me but has never thrown a leg over the driver's seat - of any motorcycle. She drives a manual transmission so she understands the concept of clutch, gearshift, etc.

Since they are calling for a possible snowstorm later this weekend they had condensed the course into four hours on Friday evening and 12 hours on Saturday. She said she felt rushed and couldn't get the riding exercises down before they would move on to the next one.

She was the only woman in the class.

Did I push too hard? Is this not the place to learn to ride? I don't know because I never took it (shame on me). I got some basic proficiency in a farm field and then took rode through the cones at the DMV.
Let's clear some stuff up first everyone, this is really important:

1) This "12 hour day" should never have happened. The MSF BRC is 10 hours of range time over 2 days. The organization that did this has overstepped their bounds. The class should have been rescheduled.

From the MSF point of view, it basically comes down to exhaustion and fatigue, new riders are learning an awful lot of things that others take for granted. It's mentally draining.

So this is not the fault of the MSF. It's the fault of the individual Sponsor, it was their decision. If they had followed the MSF rules, it would not have happened.

2) If you want to scare this Sponsor to death, tell them you are going to call the MSF and tell them what they did. They could potentially have their license pulled. AKA: Out Of Business.

3) The BRC is designed so that "most" people can pass the class. But there are those that should take the "Introduction to Motorcycling" class first. The Intro classes are smaller and a great deal of time is spent on just the friction zone. It's a big help to those that are "uncertain" and "anxious".

But here's the rub: We really can't tell people they have to take the Intro class first, we don't know for sure ahead of time if someone is going to pass the BRC or not, no one knows that.

So if the individual doesn't want to pay the xtra for the Intro, even though they are very anxious... we still try to get them through the BRC... and most of the time we do.

Good Luck to your GF Carlo, I hope she gets this straightened out with the Sponsor. It's sad to hear of this happening, because sometimes it can wrongly convince someone they should quit.

It's not fun for any of us to have an experience like that and we end up down on ourselves and feeling badly.

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