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A boy, his girl, and a Bonne... East coast bound

Fellow riders,

I'm coming to you as a rookie, seeking out the advice of those of you that are vastly more experienced both in life and motorcycle riding.

My girlfriend and I, having taken roadtrips (in the comfort of cars) to both coasts have decided to do it again, but this time on 2 wheels.

The bike: a 2012 Black Bonne equipped with HB saddle+trunk cases, and a travel guitar.
The trip: From Iowa to New York, up the coast, over to Canada to Wisconsin, then back down again.
The Pilot and Co-pilot: a 24-yr old wet behind the ears Engineer and an equally young Nurse.

It looks to be about 3500 miles and we would like to fit it all within 2 weeks including sight-seeing.

Please reply with your thoughts on the trip overview... from what roads we should take/avoid and must see landmarks to places to eat and stay.

Thank you all in advance!

By the way, both of us are also avid, although amateur photographers so pictures of the places you suggest will be posted.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
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