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Originally Posted by avocadofarmer View Post
Just ordered...

Any info on where to get the new slow and main jets? I've already got a H2W kit installed...

I just need the jets, right?
In your climate, the bigger 45 slow jets may be the way to go. If you climb up to altitude any, say over 8000' or so, I have found them sort of rich. I keep the stock 42 pilots in my rig which allows me to keep the bottom end flexible to altitude and the mpg at 40. Plenty of power to go around if I climb up in rpm's, where the stock box restricted HP. Its my version of having my cake and eating it too. 45 pilots make a bunch of HP down low at the expense of altitude flexibility and mpg, but that's OK if that's what you're after. With Baja sand roads and dunes not so far from where you're at, I can certainly see how that could be fun.

For mains, I'd stick to somewhere between 170-178 depending on your pipe.

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