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Originally Posted by Teeeeeemu View Post
Just drill them out and possibly pick the shrapnel out. Then just new rivets. What do you mean with long or short?

The stick part gets cut out when you pop in the rivet.
The lenght doesnt change, only diameter as far as I know.
Nothing should fall to the inside while installing the rivets.

Man snow is stupid without studded tires. Couple weeks ago I went to watch a few of my friends riding on ice (Gulf of Finland) with the sun shining and not too cold. Good day.. I was the only one without studs
I was concerned that the inside part may fall into the muffler and work its way down the pipe. There must be an inner wall to the muffler that the rivet bites into, I was wondering how far away it is. Doubtful anyone would know I guess, but a longer rivet may be needed to reach. I guess I'll find out when I drill.

Yeah snow riding is dumb, I just went very slow at idle speed in 1st gear for the most part, putting around. The streets are almost dry now that the sun has been shining, so I put 10 miles on doing that today.

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