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Good point, JerryH.
The Suzuki TU250 has got (among other benefits) classic good looks, and presumably the designers went for old-fashioned spoked wheels for "the look" ~ though a tubeless spoked wheel would have cost little more.

When you look at the safety & convenient-repair issues, it is crazy to choose tubed over tubeless.
Thank goodness, modern scooter designers have mostly kept clear of the idiocy of old-fashioned "spokes".

Passing over the slightly strange-looking BMW spoked wheels . . . it is the Yamaha 1200XTZ which shows how Suzuki should have gone with the TU250X.
Stylists could well produce that sort of spoked-tubeless wheel in a reasonably cosmetic "retro" appearance.

Admittedly for dirt bikes, tubed is still the way to go, to allow very low-pressure running in real off-road conditions. But even there, for most non-extreme usage, it would be grand to have a tubeless rear wheel.
The front does pose a problem, with the wheels having very narrow rims [under 2.15"] which would make for difficulties of tubeless design . . . yet the biggest problem remains the lack of choice of off-road/ knobbly rubber, as the manufacturers haven't made "the big switch" to broader-rim tubeless styles.
* Even now, for the Sym HD200, you have "a choice of one" if you want a decently dirt-capable front ~ the (50/50%) Shinko-244 3.00x16, tubed.
For the rear, you are pretty much forced to stay with 100% road rubber.

As you say, the craziest of all are the half-ton giant cruisers with spoked-tubed wheels.
They look fine & retro . . . but what a pain in real-world usage.
A triumph of styling over good engineering.
(Rather comparable to ultra-low-profile wheels on cars.)
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