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I got this in an e-mail e-mail from a friend who gave me permission to post it here. From what I understand, we are only talking about filtering to the front of stopped traffic which is common in most other countries. The letters need to go out tomorrow, if you are interested in copies of the letters, pm me your e-mail address and I will forward them to you. Easy-peasy.

If you're in favor of lane-splitting becoming legal in Oregon, here's a quick project for you! There's currently a Bill in the Oregon House of Representatives to legalize one form of lane-sharing (specifically, filtering to the front of stopped traffic). It's HB3310:

The Representatives must choose to schedule this Bill for a public hearing by April 8th or else it dies (along with all other Bills not set for hearing). The only way it will get a hearing is if we all write to the Oregon Representatives who are on the Transportation Committee and ask that they schedule the Bill for a hearing.

LUCKILY we've done that for you! Attached are 6 copies of the same letter, each addressed to a different member of the House transportation committee. Would you kindly help out TODAY by following these easy steps:

1. Print ALL 6 letters
2. Sign ALL 6 letters
3. Below your signature legibly print your name and address (so they know you're a real person)
4. If you'd like, add a hand written message supporting lane-sharing
5. Mail all six ASAP to the addresses listed at the top of each letter (note, they are DIFFERENT)

Altogether this should take no more than 10 mins and the cost of 6 stamps. Hope you can help and get these in the mail ASAP (time is of the essence). Everyone's letters REALLY help!
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