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Both bikes are no good over about 60 mph for any length of time and are not going to like high speed roads.

The TW200 is different from a normal motorcycle and is very easy to ride in the dirt, the only bike I ever rode in the dirt I did not fall on, and it would go through stuff I would not go through on other bikes, and it made it easy.

One tooth up on the front sprocket and it can run at 50 mph, and hit 70, but it runs hot and does not hold a lot of oil, plus the gas tank is small, so it makes a poor adventure bike.
Its great for local work, going through swamps, up hills, and thick sand.

Also look at a honda crf230l, and maybe the old xt225, also smaller lighter dual sports.
Pick up any of the bikes used and you can resell them for no loss if you want to move up or do not like the bike.
Buy new and loose $1500.00 or more when it rolls off the lot.

Exploring is a lot of fun on a dual sport.
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