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Day 3

This morning I woke up and saw a wall of storms between myself and Orlando on the weather radar. I knew today would be my first ride in the rain. So, off I go 220 miles of slab. This GSA really likes to go 85. Soon I head south on a state highway and see myself riding through nice flat countryside.

My destination for today is my cousin's home in Orlando. I've not seen him or his family in awhile. So, it is the journey or the destination? Today, it's the destination so I'm off to find I-75 south.

When I get to 75 I notice a text from my cousin saying the weather is crazy bad in orlando. I have about 100 miles to go. When I get on I-75 south, the wind is blowing hard from the east. I've never ridden in wind this strong before where I have to lean into the wind just to stay on the road. I know I'll get a lot more of this when I head west from Dallas, so I see this as practice and somehow I avoided the rain today.

A couple of side notes. First, the Kaoko throttle lock is working perfectly for me. If you've followed any of my thread, you'll see couple weeks ago I was trying to decide between the Kaoko and the Throttlemeister. I decided to go with the Kaoko and I'm glad I did.

Tomorrow night I get my first experience with the hospitality of ADVriders. When I was getting ready for this trip, I posted several questions. FLArider1, sent me a message offerring any information I might need for this trip since he lives right on the way. I can't tell you how cool this is site is to have people like this on it. As a I grow as a rider and a member of this site, I hope to give back like many others have for me.

One more thing. Since I've been getting some comments about my avatar. Of course, it's not me. But I do photography on the side and at one of my shoots I had a model put on some LSU gear and decided it would make a great avatar for this site.

It's been a great visit with my cousin and his family. Tomorrows it's off to the Everglades and Homestead FL.

It's about the journey, not the destination.
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