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hot start issue with the Sertao.....

I am a nooooooooob.

I am sure this topic has been talked about to adnausium, but hey.. I am a noob and can get away with it right. Here is the issue....

on short runs, less than 12 miles. The bike does not want to restart. Its new (or was, she is almost a year old now... my how time flies).

Anyway. Called to take it in for the 600 mile check (which I was over milage by about 300, great service advisor gave me a harsh talking too and honored the warranty) I told him about the issue and he said "ummmmm are you sure its not anything your doing? like leaving the parking lights on... that would do it" I told him no and gave him all of the information to the best of my knowledge. This of course was over the phone and heck, I dont blame him for the doubt. I am sure a few people try to claim "Bad Bike" all the time. Made the apt and left in the am for it. Stopped for gas..... wont start. Waited 30 mins and it barley starts, but made it to the dealership.
They put it on the BMW magic tell all computer and bang!!!!!! There is an issue. Seems that there is a decompression arm that opens and allows the engine to start at low idle.. well the arm, she dont open! This is a valid issue and a warranty item. I can put the part numbers down once I get them from my desk at work. Waiting on the call as the parts had to be ordered. It seems to be a all day repair and will be given a loaner bike for the time its in the shop.

Anyway, looking at making some tweeks to the bike when she is up and running. Bought an adapter to go from the odd euro plug to a weather proof usb, thinking about crash bars with highway pegs and just ordered the Wunderlich throttle lock. Any and all comments and advice is welcome...

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