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Originally Posted by cwc View Post
I think the reason that they only give resistance is that it is easier to measure and most of the time is a reliable indicator.

I have a 95SE which is quite different, but most CDI's operate at similar voltages.

The "power suppy" coil on the stator on mine runs about 75-80 volts AC (rms) with the bike running. I have actually tested the CDI using 110VAC from an outlet. It works fine.

The output of the trigger coil is a little trickier, but I hooked up an ANALOG voltmeter on the 3 volt DC range and waved a magnet by the coil. I got blips of less that a volt. This will depend on the response time of your voltmeter, but it is and indicator of sorts.

Using a digital meter (Fluke 77) for this test didn't give useful results.
Thanks cwc, The reason I was asking is because I have a fairly weak spark, ignition coil resistance is in spec primary and secondary even put on a new coil, brand new cdi box from horse power ignition, The trigger and source coil resistance are both in spec but the output a/c voltage seems weak. Im getting .3 volts a/c from the trigger coil which I believe is good but the source coil for the cdi im only getting 24 volts a/c which might be the problem. Anyone else might know what voltage I should be getting??
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