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We all have opinions, here are some of mine:

- Touratech shift lever - personally this is the only one I've tried that I would use. It is worth it for the fitment to my boots. See my webpage.

- Hand guards. I'm not that psyched about my Barkbusters. But whatever you get know that the stock bars are tapered right where the inner clamps fit, which is an issue that I think can be solved by getting Cycra bar clamps made for Magura tapered bars (I think).
I am convinced the most badass hand guards out there are the Highway Dirt Bike ones, but they attach at the center area instead of the bars which is very strong but conflicted with the windscreen that I picked (which is the Sporttech and I love it but I think I am the only one who has ever used it). HDB also makes a very tiny turn signal for rears.

- Scheffelmeier skid plate - no question about it! The only decision is which one. If you really want the hot setup get the rally one with extra room in the front for tools or whatever. Since he will ship from Germany, save money and plan ahead and get other items: a must is the stainless steel wheel spacers (they are fairly cheap and needed as the stock ones are too soft and quickly wear out). Another option is his case saver (front sprocket area). He has other goodies too.
- Note: On my Schef skid plate the oil drain plug hangs down below it so I got the low profile Touratech one. But it does not have a magnet in it. Others have said the OEM one does not hang down lower but on mine it does. Of course I might be the only person who has slid there bike at 70 mph flat on the skid plate until it came to a stop, so perhaps I am biased... but you can just as easily drag it over a rock and knock off the OEM drain plug.

- Mirrors - - no question. Totally adjustable, move as needed or upon a crash, they do not break. As I like to say "the only mirror that started AND finished the 2012 Dakar" a quote from our own inmate Neduro - the inventor, owner and Dakar finisher. RAM mounted stuff is very cool too!

- Tires - I defer to others, I have used their guidance and have not personally tried that many... But to date I like the Dunlop D606 rear for occasions when I think I need serious knobbies. I like the TKC80 fronts too, they have a good bite and last well.
For a longer wearing rear for general use I love the Mefo Explorer rear (the front is noisy when new and they last so long I'd use the TKC myself). Others swear by the Heidenau rear but I'm not sure they last as long.

I can't wait to see your Magadan setup on an XCountry!

People like the Wolfman tank bag but for myself I wanted a small one that was very clean looking so 3 point instead of 4 point so I found this slick little Nelson-Rigg bag.
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