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OK, it's way too late to write up the whole post like I was going to, so I'll have to come back and write that tomorrow/later today/ASAP That said, I still wanted to answer the people who answered me

Originally Posted by creighta View Post
Congratulations and condolences. Congrats on the satisfaction of figuring it out.
Condolences on the fact that you now have a scooter. They are addictive, especially the 150s. Fwiw don't let the Chinese scoot turn you off to all scooters in a year or two, they are high maintenance, but great beginner bikes before dropping $4k+ on a big name.
Thanks! I hope I like this machine - it's fun to work on, should be fun to ride, and it gets great mileage. We'll have to see what happens as time goes by.

Originally Posted by fullmetalscooter View Post
cool glad it works and hope you feel better soon. Are you certain it was food poisoning and not one to many bears ? LOL Sorry I mean beers. . Once you ve got the paper work this is going to be the best 35 bucks you ve even spend.
Thank you as well No, I hadn't been drinking at all - I never drink during the work week I just really can't wait until I've got this thing legally on the road
Learnin' to drive the Big Iron!
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