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Originally Posted by Pete-NZ View Post
Sounds like the dilemma I'm having...
Thought I wanted a 100% road bike... more I think about it..
Like the idea of a good touring bike that can wander down gravel roads
like Molesworth / Dansys pass etc..
most lightly going to be a Honda NC700 "this week"
The specs between the "S" & "X" versions is almost the same
Other than the "X" being 40mm taller seat & 25mm more ground clearance
over the "S" road version... prob the "S" with a set of 705s would be just
as good on gravel...

NC700X ===>

NC700S ===>

just need a buyer for the XR250... don't need 3 bikes to reg....

if you get to ride a 700 let me know what you think
I'm glad I'm not the only one with these difficult problems

Originally Posted by innathyzit View Post
Must be something in the air, hours searching trade me and a KLR is all I can come up with too (no imagination or what?), but the mods I have done recently on mine have changed the bike a lot. Big front rotor means it now stops and the rejet and advancing the exhaust cam has made the motor come alive, and I can still dump it in a rocky creek a couple of times and ride home with no damage.
So road bike= Naaaaaa.
great minds think alike huh

or is it fools seldom differ......

Originally Posted by tri boy View Post
"Ummmm, I think i,ll have two all day gob stoppers, nah, actually make that a packet of jet planes and, no, I reckon snakes with some eskimo's, then again three lollipops for twenty cents............."

At this point the shop keeper kicks him fair up the arse.

No children were harmed in this episode
well I suppose that was entirely called for...

you are still a complete prick though
These are the best days
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