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Originally Posted by Captain115 View Post
Ohhh more info?

Also I only have a 3 (or 4/5 can't remember) pole stator. Does this mean I won't ever be able to draw enough power for axillary lights, GPS devices etc?




Here's the update list...please feel free to amend or suggest! Thanks RoostMaster for the tensioner spring idea:

Wiseco 98MM (1mm O/S) 11:1 piston kit $155.14 USD
OEM Honda Cam $122.88 USD
4x OEM Rockers $140.48 USD
Cam Chain $77.04 USD
Cam Tensioner Spring $3.86 USD
M3 Gear $82.97 USD
C2 Gear $81.32 USD
Gearshift Reset Spring $2.28 USD
Cosmetic 98mm Top End Gasket Kit $31.91 USD
Cosmetic Bottom End Gasket Kit $38.13 USD
Clutch Side Oil seal $1.86 USD
Countershaft Oil seal $3.96 USD
Kickstarter Oil Seal $2.93 USD
Bikemaster Steel Magnetic Oil Drain plug $7.85 USD
3x HiFlo Oil Filter $6.90 USD

Ufo Ghibli halogen (I think bikebandit still has them in stock.)
50/55w halogen bulb.

as for stator I wouldn't know. I have a European spec stator (aftermarket though) so I think the lighting coils are more/powerfull?
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