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got the carb out and on the bench. forgot to measure it though. the carb is very light weight. lol. it has a plastic slide. not really looking good inside. i did a very slight opening on the holes on it. not really much there to work with. the needle is snapped into place. so shimming aint gonna happen. i had a slightly softer spring and it seems to work good. took the bowl off and that has to be the worst fitting gasket down there. stuck the gasket in the freezer to get it to contract for installed. as for jetting. it had a 140 in it. went through my drawer full of jets. after lots of labor and playing around i left in the 150 dynojet jet in. it seems to be alot more responsive and runs so much smoother. that carb will have a very short life on there. working on getting that air pump valve thingy off next. when i had that hooked up it would just let the bike run a little like shit. bypassed it and so much better.
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