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Originally Posted by IceCreamSoldier View Post
Two questions:

1. Is it possible to off load an 1150 from an F150 solo? I'm pretty sure I could ride it up the ramp I made from 3 : 2x4's , but going down backward seems a bit hairy. Tips/videos/sordid tales of similar events???
From personal experience - DO NOT!

Bones healed, broken parts replaced but the memory lingers years later - and the damned bike was just a 250cc dirt bike. But laying on top of me it was still heavy.

Strongly suggest this: folding aluminum ramp - The 'Big Boy' MF-12038 lightweight, full size motorcycle loading ramp.

IMO and IME it is worth every penny spent if you are going to be loading/unloading bikes from a pickup on a frequent basis.

It's a 3 piece ramp for ease of handling, but once assembled and the long pin inserted, it is a stable, wide loading ramp.

My only continuing fear is the tailgate cables will fail and one (or both) sides will collapse when the majority of the bike weight is on/over the tailgate. Don't know / haven't come up with a suitable alternative or fail safe.

One thing - your legs will not be long enough to reach the ground when the front wheel is 1 meter onto the ramp. I'd suggest that many (most?) fools just take a run at it, but I prefer a more controlled approach. I bought two 8' 2x8's and position them at the bottom - about 1/3 the way up and extending back to the ground. This way I can 'walk' the bike up at just a bit more than idle by slipping the clutch a wee bit. IMO much safer than the alternative.

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