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I have to say, the mix I'm on works well... there's endone, panadol and targin (a slow release endone with naloxone), along with some magnesium tablets to relax the knocked around muscles. I just pushed it an hour longer than the nurses had suggested.... and sheesh, it sure starts to make itself felt - the pain, that is. The unspoken side effect of these things is guaranteed constipation... but the nurses just smile and hand you a glass of a guaranteed cure for that.

I'm told that some folks find it hard to get off these pills... they are basically heroin in a pill. I've given up smoking and sugar cold turkey in the past, so I've got my fingers crossed here.

Here's a crappy shot (the lines are the blinds in my room... this is just iphone shots of scans with a window behind them)... of my MRI. The tibial plateau damage is a 17mm area that got rammed 4mm down into the tibia. There's a big crack in the tibia too.

The solution.

Bear in mind, these aren't riding injuries.... that's from a kickstarter pawl slipping. I guess I won't be riding without my knee braces again, eh?

I've got my crutches licence now and hope to be heading to the rehab hospital tomorrow. Home isn't exactly conducive to rehab... and the dogs are a worry. The guy that I was sharing a room with for a couple of days got his catheter out, headed to the bathroom in a fit of joy and went arse over tit - he was back in surgery again today... so I'm taking it easy. I've had a bit smoother run, but had a pretty nasty hematoma for a while.
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