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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
I liked the idea of a split by displacement vs. mfr'r....but after thinking how I've used the Thumper forum over the years -- it's been split between dualsported dirtbikes and factory plated dualsports.
So now I'm just more confused
Generally, I like the idea. I'd been thinking along these lines but not liking putting XCW into one forum, and the exact same bike as an EXC into the other.

Pro for displacement split is that there's no doubt, it's easy and clear. Con are the models that don't fit use with displacement- for example, in my mind an XT250 belongs more with KLR/ DR/ etc than with light KTM/ Husky, even though it shares displacement with the later.

Pro for "factory plate" is that XT250 stays with its real family. Con is that EXC gets divided from XCW.

Pro for weight is that generally, like stays with like. Con is that people may not know what their bike weighs, or what the bike they are interested in weighs, and there's more room for confusication.

On balance, after considering those options (and more), I came to the conclusion that the clarity of CC division outweighs the downside of orphans caught on the wrong side of the fence.
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