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Gee, this is getting more and more complicated...

Do you have the Mark 3 Pivot Pegz or an earlier model? And is it PP-13MK3 that you have? If so, I don't understand what you are talking about regarding something being narrower and needing to be ground out for the pegs to fit.

Do yours look like the ones shown in the excellent photos Lucifer666 posted one page back in this thread? That's what mine look like. Although his seem to be spaced better than mine and we can't really see what kind of a spacer was used on his installation.

The issue I have is that the space where the pegz fit onto the bike is MUCH larger than the Pegz and even with the dinky little spacer supplied, there is way too much (IMHO) "slop" in that the Pegz could be positioned at the top of the retaining pin or the bottom. And when at the top, there's nothing to keep them from gravitating down to the bottom (or to the spacer). Even at the top, the "platform" where the foot goes, puts the Pegz quite a bit lower than the stock peg does, and at the bottom of course it's even lower.

It just doesn't seem right that there isn't a large enough spacer supplied, or different Pegz with the part that fits into the bike being wider.

Originally Posted by RobbieO View Post
Fox8, your OCD did not get the better of you......there are issues putting Pivotpegs on a 2013 800GS.

The left footpeg opening is 1mm narrower than the right side and needed to be ground out for the pegs to fit, and another spacer had to be made for the pegs.

Pivotpegs seems to be off the ball on this one............
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