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Originally Posted by Walterxr650l View Post
First off I like the Acerbis tank, So I think returning it and getting an Acerbis is a good idea.

Yes there is a reserve on the stock tank, it also has some trapped fuel in the right lobe in addition to the reserve. Here are a couple of pictures of the stock fuel valve. The brass tube is the fuel pickup for the normal on position. You will notice a crescent shaped hole at the base of the brass tube. This is the reserve fuel pickup.

One way to get all the fuel with out laying the bike over: is find a piece of fuel hose that will fit tightly over that brass straw. Fasten one end on the straw, weight the other end, and get it flipped over into the right hand lobe of the tank. Now the on position on the fuel valve will drain the right lobe of the tank. Reserve will get what's left in the left side. If you do this you might want to carry a bottle of spare fuel until you figure out what your range on reserve is, because it will likely be different than it was before. It will also be a good idea to put in an inline fuel filter, because you will no longer be able to use that filter screen shown beside the fuel valve in the pictures.

Thanks for the good info! I appreciate it. I'll probably go ahead and use the Clarke tank for now and see how it works. I got it online, so by the time I send it back and pay the restocking fee, I won't get that much back. If I hate it, I can always pick up the Acerbis tank later.
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