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back at it

Hey guys, long time no update, by I'm back at it!

Tore into it and sure enough the exhaust cam shaft is scored and the head journals for the exhaust cam shaft are fairly chewed up. Oil was dark, but no shards of metal at all.

My best guess of what happened is because the exhaust camshaft is the last part of the engine to get oil, it went dry first, started getting chewed up, camshaft seized up, killed the engine. The key from the cam chain gear to the exhaust cam shaft was broken, so the gear is spinning freely. What do you guys think?

My thoughts on what needs to be replaced as of now:
-new head
-new exhaust cam shaft journals
-new cam chain because it was strained?
-what else?
@Beezer & @RandoCommando - Wish I would have hopped on those links sooner, I just hadn't torn into the engine to confirm what I needed yet. What do you guys think of this, $650 for head assembly with valves:

What do I need to look into next? Make sure the valves weren't bent?

Shot of engine block from the right side:

Shot of exhaust cam shaft damage:

Shot of the top journals:
What is the tube connecting the intake and exhaust cam shaft journals?

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