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xrl brake calipers

Hey Everyone.
Thanks in advance for some redirection. I have searched the xrl thread index and done a search using the 'search this thread' tool as well. I know nearly everyone doing brake/caliper maintenance has had problems with the 5mm allen headed pins on the calipers, but I can't seem to find the solution I know I've seen somewhere on here. I know a replacement hex headed pin is supposed to be available from someone, but I can't find a reference. Please send me in the proper direction.

I stripped the allen head, drilled it out, and got it out with an easy-out. I cut a slot for a flat head screw driver across the top of the allen head and temporarily re-installed it with plenty of anti-sieze lube on the threads. I'd like to replace this pin with a hex head pin. Please tell me where to get this part.

Again, thanks much.
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