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Southbound, Southport

We got onto the Huon Highway, after a couple of refreshing ales at the Longley, International Hotel. The afternoon was starting to fade and the shadows getting longer, we had to move it if we were to reach Southport.

Coming from Western Australia and in particular Exmouth, I can safely plan to travel 100-110km in an hour. The roads are straight, long and not with a great deal of traffic. I have had to recalculate my inbuilt assessments since travelling else where, this due to the crazy amount of corners, hills, mountains, traffic and local conditions. So now 50-60km could take an hour! I know it all depends and is ever changing but it is now a part of my travel planning when it never was before.

Another item I can't factor in is the amount of sites and places we will pull up and enjoy, take photos etc. All being so close together compared to the Western Australian coast has us not travelling very far, but worn out and satisfied with adventure and discovery after each and every day!

Wooden boats at Franklin.
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My favourite wooden vessel wasn't the larger "Black Pearl" or viking row/sail boat. Impressive as they were I liked the "Viking" tucked away in the reeds.
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Another picture perfect panoramic scene. Southport, Kingfisher Beach, Tasman Sea.
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We stayed at the southern most pub in Australia here. We met three other lads travelling on sports bikes that we would bump into, ride with and share a drink with in the evenings at several other places in Tassie along the way.

Life is good, life is simple, ride, enjoy, laugh...
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