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Originally Posted by EvilClown View Post
You're wise beyond your years.
XT 225/250.
Then move up if it's warranted.
Everybody gets to do their research and make a choice. We already made ours - it's a WR250R. I know that starting with an XT225 or CRF230 is solid for smaller riders. She believes that she would outgrow those bikes too quickly. She has been through several street bikes, and is a very aggressive street bike rider with track experience. She read Lois on the Loose, and said she would kill me if I bought her an XT225. That's why we are still in love after 17 years... You may criticize my foolhardiness now, I am ready.

I know that there are other women riding these with similar stature. We are going to spend some money on springs and suspension tuning, and she is going to get a pair of Frey Daytona boots, that will give her a little extra height. She will also have a little learning to do, but I am sure it will not take long for her to get used to it. The Ducati she rides on the street has a 29.5in seat height, and she has become spoiled.

I think my next task will be sorting out the suspension for her weight. I am not aware of any suspension gurus in the Minneapolis area, so I may be taking it on myself. A good friend is a mountain bike suspension guru with some national chops, and I may enlist his help.

I would appreciate any recommendations on replacement springs and oil weights, etc... Racetech recommends .42 springs in the front and an 8.62 spring in the back. This sounds like a softer spring in the front (stock is .47) and a heavier spring in the back (stock is 7.7)? The rear feels very plush right now, and she is getting a little over 3 inches of sag (with yamalink installed). A heavier spring on the rear shock does not seem warranted, but she is getting very little sag at all in the front (@ 1in). Any one with experience have an opinion on Racetech's reccomendations?

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