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Originally Posted by geg View Post
I'd love to see them sit Vettel for one race, but at the end of the day he scores team points, so they won't do it.
If they don't and come out with some old bollocks about having cleared the air, after such a public refusal to do what his team principal told him to do, then Horner is going to become a laughing-stock in the media and in the sport, probably within Red Bull Racing.

This may end-up with ultimatums being bandied about. If I were in Horner's shoes I'd demand that the Red Bull bosses back me or sack me. Anything less undermines his authority within the team disastrously.

As you quite rightly say, first and foremost F1 is a team sport. There has to be a demonstrably clear pecking order. Vettel hanging his head and saying sorry isn't going to convince many that Horner has control.
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