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Originally Posted by Poznos View Post
I've got the same thoughts except I'm 4-hour journey away from the nearest Wolfman dealer. I do my fair share of escapading off into the wilderness but I commute on my bike too so security is important. Do they work with the PacSafe cables, & how immune are they to thieves with pocket knives? And, provided they're not ever stolen, how long can I expect them to hold up to wear and tear?
Sorry, never bought anything from Wolfman before so I've got nothing to hold these up next to. I've got your racks on the way in the mail though.

Also, we need more reviews & pictures. Quality aside these are some good lookin' bags!

If you're buying wolfman racks and ride off pavement, then I would get one or the other of their bag sets.

That said, they are not secure. If you really think someone is going to slash them to access the contents, and you need bags for commuting, then consider a set of Seahorse cases with padlocks for your commute - about $150 with mounting hardware. Then you would, in my opinion, have the best of all worlds.
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