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Originally Posted by TobyG View Post
Wow....I've already bent mine as well, but nowhere close to that, in other words I've always been able to fix them again :O
But then again, I am only riding my 650gs since last year.

Other than that, the pics from Gravel Seeker and Barnman show one thing I noticed before.
There are 2 types of TT Rallye footpegs. The ones Gravel Seeker are extended to the front, barnman's are extended to the rear. I myself have two sets, one of each kind.
Yep, quite a useless fact, but I am still wondering why....

And yeah, I can confirm what Gravel Seeker said about the shifter
Maybe barnman's peg is from the complete rallye kit and the one in my picture is one I've bought separate or vice versa. I know I've only bought one complete rallye kit so min might very well be a replacement. I can't recall anymore.

But that means that, depending on which pegs yu have, you can move the centre of gravity back or forth by about 15mm or so. Might be just that little something the perfectionist is looking for weight wise or angle when standing wise.
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