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This doesn't help the OP in your current situation but Aprilia and Ducati also have the same design and tendency for these starter clutch symptoms and failure; Kickback on engine cutoff, crappy engagement, scary sounds, leaving you in the middle of nowhere shrugging your shoulders, etc. Hope I'm not repeating the obvious. Just want to throw some tips out here gathered from other's bad experiences.

Things you can do to preserve the sprag clutch life:
  1. Make sure the battery is in good condition. Keep on trickle charger. A weakish battery that refuses to die can kill your sprag before the battery eventually gives up.
  2. Use key switch to cutoff engine whenever possible not the emergency kill switch.
  3. Start engine while in neutral whenever possible, 1st gear at other times.
  4. Give ample time between start attempts. Don't jab at the starter button. Wait for it to spool down completely.
  5. Always press starter button with commitment.
Hope this helps.
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